The Human Planet

The Human Planet: Earth at the Dawn of the Anthropocene is a visual chronicle of how humans have come to be the dominant force shaping our planet, as seen through George’s thirty years of aerial photography across all seven continents. The visual narrative evolves through three chapters, exploring climate and the natural world, examining how humans have harvested the biosphere, and showcasing the footprint that humanity is leaving on the planet in its quest to build shelter, grow food, generate energy, and create beauty through art and architecture. In George’s images, accompanied by authoritative text by renowned science writer Andrew Revkin, we encounter the beautiful, dramatic and changing face of the human planet.

256 pages. Dimensions: 11″ x 11.5″

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New York Air

Shooting in all seasons and from dawn to dusk, the photos in New York Air capture the complexity of 21st-century New York, with its new skyline and waterfront landscape, dazzling contemporary architecture and historic buildings—along with parks and streets and rooftops used for every possible purpose, and the massive infrastructure that keeps it all going. Included are such iconic places as Central Park and Times Square, new landmarks such as the High Line and the September 11 Memorial, One World Trade Center and other additions to the list of the world’s tallest buildings, and intriguing sites throughout the five boroughs. Steinmetz records some of the city’s beloved traditions—such as the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, the New York marathon, and the U.S. Open—but what makes his photographs special is their surprising intimacy, as they capture New Yorkers going about their lives in their remarkable city.

224 Pages. Dimensions: 10.5″ x 12″

All copies purchased here are personally autographed by George.

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Desert Air

Desert Air is the first comprehensive photographic collection of the world’s “extreme deserts,” which receive less than four inches of precipitation per year. George has spent 15 years on this epic body of work, capturing surreally beautiful visions of deserts, from China’s great Gobi Desert to the Sahara in northern Africa to Death Valley in California. Much more than a visual journey, these images are enriched by the exciting stories behind George’s adventures in some of the world’s most difficult and challenging areas—from smuggling his paraglider into Libya to getting arrested for spying in Iran, to crashing into a tree in western China. Desert Air reveals extraordinary desert ecosystems that together form a kind of disparate family of co-evolved landscapes; similar, yet each unique in its own way.

352 Pages. Dimensions: 10.25″ x 13.25″

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Empty Quarter


Empty Quarter offers stunning images of the desolate yet beautiful Arabian landscape, its nomadic people, and resilient wildlife that few outsiders have ever seen. Although only a fraction of the size of its giant neighbor, the Sahara, the Empty Quarter’s punishing terrain has rarely been captured on film, and never from the low-altitude aerial perspective of an ultralight aircraft. Old maps, satellite images, and the extraordinary nature of Arabian hospitality enabled Steinmetz to travel where few have ever ventured. He reveals in his photographs a true wilderness, without a single permanent human habitation or known point of water, preserved by its harsh climate and extreme remoteness, as well as a fascinating tradition of a hardy people living at its edges. On his travels Steinmetz encountered herds of oryx, sheikhs, a camel beauty contest, and more. For experienced travelers or explorers and for those who have never heard of the Empty Quarter, entering the heart of the Arabian Desert is truly the ultimate experience. This is a story in essays and photos of a great adventure to a captivating, far-away place, largely unexplored by the western world.

208 Pages.Dimensions: 9.5″ x 13″

All copies purchased here are personally autographed by George.

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African Air

African Air is a compilation of pictures from ten years of flying over Africa, mostly with a motorized paraglider. This foot-launched ultra light is the slowest and lightest powered aircraft in the world and allows George to capture intimate aerial views of places that have never been seen from above. African Air covers the continent’s most breathtaking landscapes, from migrating herds of zebras and elephants to infinite miles of desert, including densely packed urban centers and small, remote villages. The book has a 7,000 word personal introduction that begins in 1979 when George got the idea for this book while hitchhiking through 17 African countries. There are also seven shorter essays covering experiences from aerial fieldwork.

Second Printing 216 Pages. Dimensions: 9.5″ x 13″

All copies purchased here are personally autographed by George.

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